Single use / Disposal Datalogger

Economical single-use data logger for monitoring temperature of transported goods. In many applications, single-use data loggers are preferable to multi-use devices.

Multi Use / Reusable Datalogger

Multi-use data loggers are durable and easy to configure as per the clients requirement. Further it has a larger battery life to record for longer durations.

Relatime Datalogger

Realtime dataloggers are used for real time data collection of various parameters like temperature, humidity and others with instant alerts to customers in the format of SMS or email.

Validation Set

Validation and routine checks of sterilizers, washer-disinfectors and autoclaves can easily be monitored with ebro® data loggers and the appropriate software - even in real time. The easy-to-use software analyses your processes automatically and provides you with a meaningful result.

Thermometer and Others

For the food area ebro® offers handheld instruments and data loggers for the entire cold chain: from process monitoring, on transport and storage monitoring to incoming goods inspection. ebro's EN 13485 certified handheld meters support you in complying with the HACCP concept to improve food safety. All food data loggers from ebro comply with EN 12830 and are therefore suitable for use in the food industry to monitor the temperature. Some of the temperature data loggers also measure the relative humidity.




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