Airborne Particle Counter

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Why Lighthouse?

Portable Particle Counters

LWS has accessories and models for every application, including manifolds for continuous monitoring of 32 locations, Filter Testing Tools, Environmental Sensor inputs, and more. Besides being the best portable in the market, the Solair can be connected to a manifold and used in a real time monitoring system. Add a Scan Air Pro filter scanning probe and do filter integrity testing. High pressure gas adapters allow you to do particle testing in ultra-pure gasses. Integrate environmental sensors and you have the world's most versatile portable particle counter.

Grab and Go Convenience

The game was forever changed when we introduced the line of handheld particle counters. They remain the most trusted and reliable Handheld Particle Counter on the market. Seeing particles as small as 0.2micron and models designed specifically for Indoor Air Quality applications the Lighthouse Handheld is ready to meet your needs.

Real Time Monitoring System

All of the Lighthouse Instruments can be integrated into a real time monitoring system. Lighthouse gives you the flexibility to be mobile or to set up real time monitoring systems to collect and report data in real time. Lighthouse gives you the flexibility to adapt to your every changing manufacturing needs. We are ready to grow with you.